In This River is a folky duo hailing from Boston, MA.  Sharing both lead vocals and guitar, their music is rich with weaving harmonies.  The message is simple yet resounding - love, gratitude, adventure, and the healing power of music & nature lie at the heart of their music.

In Between the Back and Forward

It's a wonder how time passes by.  One minute we're waiting outside a studio in the dead of winter and the next we're nearing the end of the summer heat.  Reflection is a key aspect of it all..

Our upcoming full-length album has finished mixing and we're super stoked.  We've spent many nights around the old flame within us.  Singing with it.  Dreaming with it.  Discovering who we are.  These songs mark a chapter of our lives and a piece of our story and journey together.  We poured ourselves into this thing.  

Currently we're focused on mastering the tracks and finalizing the album art, which will then lead to production and hitting your ears in the near future.  Stay tuned friends..

In the meantime, here's a poem:

-        -        -

The Falls

The endless flow,
rushing over the edge in a continual plummet,
a sheet of unrelenting force.
Waves it's hands at the world as it pours on down,
and spatters blindly in a spray of chaos.
Consider a single droplet,
upstream of the falls.
Anxiously bobbing in the current of the river,
headed towards the fate that awaits.
In the blink of a watchful eye the edge is breached,
and our little droplet begins it's descent,
Down it goes..

But wait.
It's hanging in a picture frame,
and with it are many other droplets at the precipice taking their dive too.
In this moment,
I begin to understand how it's not alone.
How they move together,
in a shared dive towards the bottom,
and though each journey is undoubtedly unique,
their collective dive is what creates the essence of the flow.

In following just one droplet I can see the true velocity of the falls.
I watch as it careens over the edge and gets pulled,
effortlessly, towards the center of the earth,
at the velocity of the great pull of the stars.
The pull that creates all waterfalls.
It's more graceful than I once thought.

The falls are steady through this lens,
holding a primal quiet and calm,
and though their force remains present,
it is not chaotic,
not fierce.
Yet purely wild in it's nature.

Over the edge the droplets go,
and after a lifetime,
they meet again in communion at the bottom,
to dance freely in the tranquility of a pond.

Will they fall again?

nick ingrisani & zach cohen