In This River is a folky duo hailing from Boston, MA.  Sharing both lead vocals and guitar, their music is rich with weaving harmonies.  The message is simple yet resounding - love, gratitude, adventure, and the healing power of music & nature lie at the heart of their music.

Recording @ Dimension Sound Studios

This weekend was a grand success.  With the love and advice of our friends and gurus alike, we have laid down the basics for our first album.  

We've come away from this experience with an evergrowing excitement to share our music, and many lessons learned.

  • George Woods and Ariel Bernstein are fantastic human beings.  They put their heart and soul into helping our vision become a reality.  And they are an absolute pleasure to chill with.
  • Our brother Ben can THROW down on the kit.  There are no words to express how happy we are to have his licks driving the message home.
  • While the curve balls of life should be (and are) expected, they never fail to surprise, never fail to catch us unprepared.   Throw it in the Well is the song that may best express our resounding message.  It is nearest to our hearts.  We've played it a million times, and it's as tight as it gets.  And in the studio, we struggled, struggled, struggled with it.  Struggle like we experienced in no other moment - fully unexpected.  Our timing was off.  This part is good in take one, but sucks in take two.  The confusion, the tension building.  And after two hours of fighting it out, we put it aside, continuing with other music.  In the last hour of our day 2 recording session, we broke our set down.  Set up two mics facing each other.  Turned the lights down.  Closed our eyes.  And the magic came of us.  Through the struggle.  Through the fight.  In the raggiest setup of all of our songs, the magic is there.  This is the message of what we do.  This is the grand success of every day

nick ingrisani & zach cohen