In This River is a folky duo hailing from Boston, MA.  Sharing both lead vocals and guitar, their music is rich with weaving harmonies.  The message is simple yet resounding - love, gratitude, adventure, and the healing power of music & nature lie at the heart of their music.

Full Wolf Moon

The Sun

A memory of a lifetime ago

Buried deep in the moonlit sands

Now illuminated by the night


Knowing cold

Knowing warmth

Knowing fear

Comfort sets in


Fierce wind knocking at the doors of homes yet built

Turning to the sycamore for conversation

Dialogue unbroken

Singing harmonies of love and death


Howling, howling, howling

Hungry, waiting for the feed

Intuition borne in the sangha of The Wolf

An appetite for freedom forever unfulfilled


To covet

Material want

Birthed thoughts that are not mine

Or are they?


The river breaks its banks

Desire washed away

The Mother whispers

“I will rule again”


Rule with the power of love

Undiluted by the self

The ego

Touching the untouchable for a moment undefined


Where is your home?





Back bare pressed against the gentle curve of your torso

Limbs intertwined

Clothes not lost

Never existing


Open to love

Open to fear

Giving warmth

Giving support


Giving life


Drifting, drifting, drifting

Vision blurred by the focus of our eyes

Our eyes

Our eyes


Awakened by the rising light of the east

I am wearing a sweater

I am covered

I am cold

nick ingrisani & zach cohen