In This River is a folky duo hailing from Boston, MA.  Sharing both lead vocals and guitar, their music is rich with weaving harmonies.  The message is simple yet resounding - love, gratitude, adventure, and the healing power of music & nature lie at the heart of their music.

The Lizard Lounge

Even at first glance the lounge has a striking ability to ignite intrigue from within.  The stage is set on an old rug with microphones in their picturesque glory under the small spotlights, while a dimly glowing red aura paints the surrounding ambiance.  The wooden chairs and tables are all directed towards the stage to invite focus and respect to whoever got up there to play their heart out. 

There is a presence in this room.  Similar to looking up at the stars next to a crackling fire in a deep forest – the humbling presence of the feeling that we’re all a part of something greater.  Something intangible but oh so vivid and real.  And on Monday nights that presence radiates out from a collection of souls brought together by a common vision of harmony and sound.

We witnessed a range of colorful musical expression on that stage that was truly inspiring.  It felt great to contribute to the feeling and meet some awesome people through it.  Magical vibes all around.

Cheers to Tom for running this thing and to everyone else for spreading the love.

nick ingrisani & zach cohen