In This River is a folky duo hailing from Boston, MA.  Sharing both lead vocals and guitar, their music is rich with weaving harmonies.  The message is simple yet resounding - love, gratitude, adventure, and the healing power of music & nature lie at the heart of their music.


What an intimate space.  An opportunity to be vulnerable, to share our energy for the pleasure of all.  The stoke has been brewing around our full full length album for some time, and here we are.

Zack Cutler & crew opened for us with a killer, funk driven set.  The were smooth yet still playful in their way. A total pleasure to have those dudes share the show with us.

Our performance felt like it captured everything there is to love about music. How it takes you to that place where nothing else matters, where the world is in flow.  How it unites us together, in that space.  

A grand thank you for all for sharing the evening;

In Between the Back and Forward

It's a wonder how time passes by.  One minute we're waiting outside a studio in the dead of winter and the next we're nearing the end of the summer heat.  Reflection is a key aspect of it all..

Our upcoming full-length album has finished mixing and we're super stoked.  We've spent many nights around the old flame within us.  Singing with it.  Dreaming with it.  Discovering who we are.  These songs mark a chapter of our lives and a piece of our story and journey together.  We poured ourselves into this thing.  

Currently we're focused on mastering the tracks and finalizing the album art, which will then lead to production and hitting your ears in the near future.  Stay tuned friends..

In the meantime, here's a poem:

-        -        -

The Falls

The endless flow,
rushing over the edge in a continual plummet,
a sheet of unrelenting force.
Waves it's hands at the world as it pours on down,
and spatters blindly in a spray of chaos.
Consider a single droplet,
upstream of the falls.
Anxiously bobbing in the current of the river,
headed towards the fate that awaits.
In the blink of a watchful eye the edge is breached,
and our little droplet begins it's descent,
Down it goes..

But wait.
It's hanging in a picture frame,
and with it are many other droplets at the precipice taking their dive too.
In this moment,
I begin to understand how it's not alone.
How they move together,
in a shared dive towards the bottom,
and though each journey is undoubtedly unique,
their collective dive is what creates the essence of the flow.

In following just one droplet I can see the true velocity of the falls.
I watch as it careens over the edge and gets pulled,
effortlessly, towards the center of the earth,
at the velocity of the great pull of the stars.
The pull that creates all waterfalls.
It's more graceful than I once thought.

The falls are steady through this lens,
holding a primal quiet and calm,
and though their force remains present,
it is not chaotic,
not fierce.
Yet purely wild in it's nature.

Over the edge the droplets go,
and after a lifetime,
they meet again in communion at the bottom,
to dance freely in the tranquility of a pond.

Will they fall again?



Recording @ Dimension Sound Studios

This weekend was a grand success.  With the love and advice of our friends and gurus alike, we have laid down the basics for our first album.  

We've come away from this experience with an evergrowing excitement to share our music, and many lessons learned.

  • George Woods and Ariel Bernstein are fantastic human beings.  They put their heart and soul into helping our vision become a reality.  And they are an absolute pleasure to chill with.
  • Our brother Ben can THROW down on the kit.  There are no words to express how happy we are to have his licks driving the message home.
  • While the curve balls of life should be (and are) expected, they never fail to surprise, never fail to catch us unprepared.   Throw it in the Well is the song that may best express our resounding message.  It is nearest to our hearts.  We've played it a million times, and it's as tight as it gets.  And in the studio, we struggled, struggled, struggled with it.  Struggle like we experienced in no other moment - fully unexpected.  Our timing was off.  This part is good in take one, but sucks in take two.  The confusion, the tension building.  And after two hours of fighting it out, we put it aside, continuing with other music.  In the last hour of our day 2 recording session, we broke our set down.  Set up two mics facing each other.  Turned the lights down.  Closed our eyes.  And the magic came of us.  Through the struggle.  Through the fight.  In the raggiest setup of all of our songs, the magic is there.  This is the message of what we do.  This is the grand success of every day

Full Wolf Moon

The Sun

A memory of a lifetime ago

Buried deep in the moonlit sands

Now illuminated by the night


Knowing cold

Knowing warmth

Knowing fear

Comfort sets in


Fierce wind knocking at the doors of homes yet built

Turning to the sycamore for conversation

Dialogue unbroken

Singing harmonies of love and death


Howling, howling, howling

Hungry, waiting for the feed

Intuition borne in the sangha of The Wolf

An appetite for freedom forever unfulfilled


To covet

Material want

Birthed thoughts that are not mine

Or are they?


The river breaks its banks

Desire washed away

The Mother whispers

“I will rule again”


Rule with the power of love

Undiluted by the self

The ego

Touching the untouchable for a moment undefined


Where is your home?





Back bare pressed against the gentle curve of your torso

Limbs intertwined

Clothes not lost

Never existing


Open to love

Open to fear

Giving warmth

Giving support


Giving life


Drifting, drifting, drifting

Vision blurred by the focus of our eyes

Our eyes

Our eyes


Awakened by the rising light of the east

I am wearing a sweater

I am covered

I am cold


The Lizard Lounge

Even at first glance the lounge has a striking ability to ignite intrigue from within.  The stage is set on an old rug with microphones in their picturesque glory under the small spotlights, while a dimly glowing red aura paints the surrounding ambiance.  The wooden chairs and tables are all directed towards the stage to invite focus and respect to whoever got up there to play their heart out. 

There is a presence in this room.  Similar to looking up at the stars next to a crackling fire in a deep forest – the humbling presence of the feeling that we’re all a part of something greater.  Something intangible but oh so vivid and real.  And on Monday nights that presence radiates out from a collection of souls brought together by a common vision of harmony and sound.

We witnessed a range of colorful musical expression on that stage that was truly inspiring.  It felt great to contribute to the feeling and meet some awesome people through it.  Magical vibes all around.

Cheers to Tom for running this thing and to everyone else for spreading the love.



Tall as a mountain,
but light as a feather.

we breathe,

into the air that surrounds us.

I listen to your words in the wind.
Your fluttering melodies of timeless days,
of ancient tales,
of graceful prose.
And now I’ll turn off the sun.

Dream with me under the eternal hum of the stars.

The Time is Almost Here

I can feel it building.

I know it's coming.

A foundation has been built with love and care, freedom and dreams.  But there is no haste.  Time has a way of making things dissolve, or cementing them into the core of our being.  A fading act, or a song for eternity to carry?

Only time will tell.

The time is almost here.

nick ingrisani & zach cohen